Most people when applying to Adsense will probably get the fatale rejection letter stating that their website has insufficient content. When Adsense says there is insufficient content it might not always be referring to the post count sometimes it can be post length, quality of the posts, or the type of content that you are producing.

Adsense is not the smartest crawler in that it doesn’t understand what the exact issue is always, but it knows you would not qualify so to avoid this issue try doing the following checklist.

  1. Is your website 6 months old (or has 6 months worth of content)
  2. Are all of yours posts at least 500 words or more. This should be the standard length for all of your posts but when doing smaller posts that are meaningless or are to announce certain events you might find it quite difficult to produce the length you need. In which case you should write another smaller post to make up for it.
  3. Does your website have quality design and meaningful traffic. Most Adsense users will apply to their account and if you actually look at their traffic many of it comes from bots or malicious sites that are crawling it. The Daily Exposition had an issue quite like this but it managed to overcome this issue with Cloudflare.
  4. Does your website comply with all Adsense policies?

If any of the above turns out to be a no then your content might very well be flagged as insufficient. There is also the issue of the amount of publishers in your niche sometimes you can slip through that niche issue (I did) however, most are failing and are deleting their websites. That is not the way to do it in fact what you should be coming up with something additional instead of a technology website why not branch out into other forms of media? Why not make more in-depth posts such as reviews? Why not add a completely new idea instead of rehashing the same old story. There are a million ways to approach this issue it’s just getting one that works.

Adsense is becoming very crowded with over 2 million publishers its starting to become very closed off as there are niches that are just overly saturated and beaten into the ground over and over. You can use Adsense on a website that is in a saturated niche however, getting it approved can be quite a challenge but if you have another website running and it qualified then the other website can be monetized. However, by doing so you also acknowledge that the website complies with Adsense policies.

Have any specific questions on why your website has not been approved ask below!


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