AddThis Pro is the greatest sharing follow and content recommendation system on the market today. The web application created by AddThis has risen as a pay to use service and it comes with a ton of useful features and different configurations to optimize your site to get the most traffic and follows.


AddThis Pro comes with many tools such as content recommendation and the best thing is all of these work as the smart layers technology so it will float above your page content meaning that when you scroll it follows and it does not interfere with your content. This is crucial because you don’t want to have to redesign your entire website around a tool that is meant to drive more traffic because it will take to long and too much effort for most webmasters.


Addthis Pro Features


New Dashboard!: This new and improved dashboard has a lot deeper analytics than the free alternative and it even makes it easier to display and understand.


New Widgets:  There are new widgets such as the floating content recommendation bar that allows visitors to look to their right and instantly get recommended content based on what they are reading already!


More Updates: AddThis Pro receives more updates customization and newer widgets than the free alternative.


The Price

AddThis Pro Price: AddThis Pro is not a free tool but it only costs $12 per month and you get access to all the new features, priority support, and you will have the greatest content tools on the market.




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