Addthis has announced a new integration between Flipboard and their sharing services. Now website that incorporate mobile sharing will be able to configure their share buttons to display Flipboard as a primary sharing service.

When a user shares your post to Flipboard it will be added to a Flipboard magazine. They can then categorize these articles into a specific magazine and then their followers will also be able to check out your article. This means that your potential traffic is huge if you or your user base is heavy on Flipboard.

There are over 100 million Flipboard users meaning that you have a larger potential market to get increased shares and more traffic. Addthis has automatically integrating the buttons into your website now all you have to do is sit back and see if your traffic grows.

If you use Flipboard a lot, then accessing a website using the Addthis tools means you will have Flipboard as one of your top options making it easier to share to your favorite service. This also means that your followers will be able to get the content that you love quickly and easily all thanks to our friends over at Addthis.


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