Add this which is known to be the largest sharing tool on the web has introduced a new tool for publishers which is known as Smart Layers. These smart layers go far beyond that of the share buttons that they are known for. I am using 3 out of the 4 tools that they have added, and that is because my blogs wont display the fourth one properly. This is a tool that everyone should be using, and that people will adapt to the best part is that it does not interfere with your content, but you can still get the same effects. Lets jump in and stop leaving you in suspense.


1. Share Buttons
The smart layers first part is the ability to add up to 6 floating share buttons. As you can see I have already added those to my website. These share buttons will float and will stay on the far left or right depending on what it is that you select in the initial select. You can edit it at any time, just look for left or right and change it to the opposite. These buttons are using their preferred method where they use the most common services of the visitor and then they display the corresponding button. The cookie comes preconfigured so you don’t have to try and control their code.

2. Follow Buttons
The follow buttons will be at the top right of your blog or website like mine. Now by default you cant have multiple of the same button but I did a little editing and was able to add another Youtube button. You can also make it to where your buttons such as a Linkedin button be linked to your Linkedin group rather than your profile. These buttons will fade once they reach the bottom of the post, but they add the third widget which is right below this one.

3. Recommended Content Box
Add this has created a small box at the bottom right of your blog and whenever you reach the bottom of the post they will give them a recommended post. Now there is an issue and that is if you have never used their trending posts widget you will have to wait for them to index all of your posts. This will also apply to the widget below, and it is taking them a couple of days because this widget is HUGE. There are so many people trying to use this new widget. A lot of them are also having issues but please be patient because their crawlers can only do so many pages so quickly.

4. Related Posts Widget
This widget will show related posts at the end of your posts now this one has some issue that we are trying to work out. The related posts widget is on the bottom of even at the homepage,and the issue is trying to create an exception in the code when it is all formed. So if you have done this then place it in the comments below so we don’t have to wait for me to do it.


  • This widget will not work with the add this toolbox widget so if you have the code please remove it or else the widget will not display on your blog.
  • Related posts widget shows up on homepage, and we have no solution.
  • Smaller screens the floating elements will overlap content unless the template is responsive or their is a margin placed next to it.


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