Many people attempt to jump into the arcade industry and they each have their own reasons, many are monetary while others are to play games during school to each his own. However, the main thing is most of them fail and there are many reasons for this some never even get off the ground some get crushed by their competition and some are just victims of the ever changing industry, here are five reasons that your website will fail.

No Unique Content

The main issue with these types of websites is they are typically the same regurgitated games, descriptions, and thumbnails and search engines will rank duplicate content lower than they would if they were original. If you are using the same everything as a website such as Miniclip then how could you expect your website to rank higher than theirs. To get off the ground you need to start writing something unique, getting your own game thumbnails and other things can help boost your rankings over other websites, you can have the same games but have something unique about your descriptions maybe add a tips and tricks section to the game information to provide something useful to the players.

Poor Load Time

Many arcade websites simply load poorly and this is partially due to their nature and partially due to the laziness of their webmaster. Using tools like CloudFlare and building their website off a powerful and lightweight script such as MyArcadePlugin can improve your load time greatly. But the best thing to do is stick to your metrics systems such as GtMetrix and Pingdom can both show areas that you need to improve in. Simply put if you are not loading in under three seconds on your homepage you have something to improve on. Whether you need to compress your images or simply show less content following the tools recommendations can greatly improve your load time.

Poorly Made Themes With No Markup

This is a major issue as most websites on the internet that are using Schema markup such as this one are news and blog based. However, all websites can benefit from the use of Schema its just a matter of implementing it. Schema will allow Google to understand what the content is that you are trying to show and it can then rank it higher than your opponent who it is taking a random guess at.

Another issue is how websites are all carbon copies using the same themes. Your website does not have to be unique but if you are using the same template, with the same exact settings as the guy next door then you are going to have problems. You want a unique experience for your users and for them to be able to explore your website as if it were brand new. But if you purchase MyArcadePlugin and are using the default FunGames theme, then you are going to be no better than the guy next to you. Try customizing it a theme built on the Redux options framework is a good start because it is meant for customization. If you are using a script like Arcade Booster than try to customize the theme on your own.

Limited Features

If users are not immersed into your website then they will not want to come back try adding some community features such as forum, a point system, something that will make them want to return to your website as opposed to ditching you for the competition. Integrating those features with Facebook will greatly improve your chances of getting a returning user as they will not have to create a new account specifically for your website.

Your Only An Arcade Site

This almost goes with the 4th point, but it is a little more than that. For instance why are you only offering games? Why don’t you have a blog about all the recent updates in the industry or a blog about gaming, in general? Why not offer wallpapers of popular games to your users to help rank in Google but to offer them something to check out when they return to your website? There is soo many options in the world for you don’t hinder yourself by only offering the same thing as everybody else.

There are certainly more reasons that your website could fail, but this is a good starting point for arcade webmaster to look at when they are wanting to improve their website. If you think something I have said is wrong post in the comments below and tell me why.


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