Over the years Google has had a lot of great ideas and a lot of poor ones. However, some of the products that were shamelessly killed didn’t necessarily deserve it. While other products just simply shouldn’t have existed these 5 products died before their time.

Adsense For Feeds

Adsense For Feeds was one of Google’s better ideas for webmasters and publishers alike. Adsense For Feeds was an integration between their Adsense program and Feedburner. Adsense For Feeds was a product that never quite got the attention that it deserved despite it being a great service that did help make publishers additional revenue. With Adsense For Feeds gone many publishers have given up on trying to sell advertising space in their feeds because whats the point?


Google Reader

Google reader was another product that we were sad to see go. Google reader was one of the most popular feed reading services on the market and there is still a loyal fanbase that would want to see the return of this product. Google did release the open API for it which allowed for many knock off products which ultimately lead to the death of the reader its self. The old website is still accessible but it only leaves us a sad message.

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IGoogle was a customizable homepage for Google. It is comparable to services such as MyYahoo and other web personalization programs. IGoogle was a great product that allowed us to have all the information we wanted on our homepage. The service was shutdown because there was no more need for it. However, the company managed to translate it to support 42 languages and over 70 country domain names. In 2008 20% of all Google homepage traffic was from IGoogle.

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Google Bookmarks List

Google Bookmarks had an experimental feature that would allow users to share their bookmarks and collaborate with eachother to build lists of Bookmarks that could be used for projects or as a resource.


Google Lively

Most of us don’t know what Google Lively is or was that was because Google closed it 175 days after it was launched. It was the single shortest lived product in the history of the company. This was comparable to services such as Second Life where you can have a virtual reality and play as another character in a virtual world.  To this day there is still a loyal following as Lively allowed people all over the world to meet one another and feel connected in ways that many other products have failed to do. There is still a loyal following of the product to this day.



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