Making money it comes in all shapes and forms but did you know that there are plenty of apps out there that will pay you to do simple tasks such as watching a video or scanning a bar code of an item that you bought at the store? There are many different apps that are on the Google Play Store that claim to make you money, but many of them do not pay and end up being a waste of your own time. Here are five apps for Android that can earn you a little extra cash.


Swagbucks is a very popular rewards site that pays you for doing all kinds of tracks from polls, to videos, to tasks, and a little bit of everything in between. It is a veteran in this area and it has always been really reliable not only for me but for millions of other users. There are more apps than just the main Swagbucks one that you should download. Additional apps that work with Swagbucks are

  • EntertaiNow TV
  • IndyMusic TV
  • Sportly TV
  • SB TV
  • Swagbucks Search

These apps can help you earn more Swagbucks per day and put your phone to good use. These can even be run while you are not actively using your device to bring in the maximum amount of Swagbucks. However, the best way to maximise the amount of Swagbucks per day lies within the websites and the encrave activities.


This app works in a very different way than that of the others because it focuses on mostly downloading and installing apps. You will download an app launch it and then you will be rewarded the corresponding nana’s. The app is also very slow rewarding you very little amount of points per app and making insane cut off points. An app like Swagbucks performs better here as there is less effort needed in order to receive a reward. However, the app does have a very strong history it pays out and it is a simple way to earn a little extra money.


This is arguably the most unusual money-making app because it takes an idea no one else would have thought and made it work. You can earn points just by scanning the bar code of an item that you bought. For instance lets say that I buy a Coke. I buy the product leave the store and before I throw it away I remember “oh yeah” I can the bar code that is on the can and I will be rewarded a certain amount of points. The idea is the seller of a certain product advertises on the app that person goes to the store buys that specific products opposed to their normal brand and then they scan the code they match the code to the product and you are rewarded a certain amount of points. Also, certain stores will pay you points just to check in at them with the app and when you do you will receive discounts, coupons and more.


AppTrailers is an extremely well-known app that pays you points by watching trailers to apps. You can earn a fair amount of points each day nearly passively all you need to do is watch the trailers. You may also earn points by writing comments and having people up the comments think of it as a Facebook like that you get paid points for each time that you are liked. You may also upload your own YouTube videos to the app and you will get paid when the video is viewed.

Perk TV

Perk TV is arguably the best if not the second best rewards app for your Android device. The reason for this is just the sheer amount of ways that you can be awarded points with the app. It has many different apps that pay you points even for just unlocking your lock screen. Perk TV pays you for viewing videos, unlocking your screen, search, browsing the web, shopping, and even taking simple little pop quiz games. Perk TV is very close to Swagbucks from just the sheer amount of ways that you can earn points. However, it still falls behind because Swagbucks has a much lower payout for rewards such as the Amazon Gift Card.

Final Thoughts

None of these apps are going to make you rich, but they will bring in some extra cash from doing little to no real work. The apps have a very strong reputation they all pay out and if you are smart you can make quite a bit extra money using these apps. Make sure to follow the program terms of services though and don’t try to out smart the app owners. Too many people get banned by doing things against the terms of service make sure you comply with all the rules and start making money today.


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