Qihoo recently translated one of their most popular antivirus suites on the market 360 Total Security. 360 Total Security is a very powerful program for what it may appear to be and it is so simple to set up that anyone can do it in their spare time. The program has a lot of protection features built in but also tools to help improve the performance of the computer.

360 Total Security Features

  • 5 built-in engines to help protect and keep up your computers health.
  • Clean up tools to help clear out junk files and improve overall system performance.
  • A start-up tool that helps you manage not only starting applications but also services such as unnecessary updaters like Skype.
  • Facebook Login to share your boot time. While not necessarily useful it is a cool little feature.
  • WiFi Security Check. This feature will allow the program to see whether you are on a secure network and if it is found you are not then it will recommend you on what to do to protect yourself.

Protection and Protection Settings

Everyone wants their antivirus to protect their computer but what are the best settings to protect your computer and what do they do? For the greatest settings go into your Protection Tab, and click switch mode. From here you will click on the custom protection mode and click on every single item. Then to make sure that it worked go back to your virus scan tab, and turn on the Avira, and Bitdefender engines.

The program uses 4 of the 5 engines to protect the computer and one to optimize and speed up. The protection engines are the: 360 Cloud Engine, QVM II Engine, Bitdefender, and the Avira Engine. 360 Cloud is their engine which uses the work of over 400 million computers to keep their databases and signatures up to date. The Bitdefender and Avira engines are not for their signatures but are more database items. This simply means that you will have more items known to the program to be blocked but those engines don’t help it find new malware that are not in the databases.

Optimization and Cleanup Tools.
The program does allow you to clean out your junk files and to improve start-up time. The start-up time reduction it has a recommended mode which is what all non savvy users should use because you don’t want to turn something off that you would want. The program uses an intelligent engine to scan and watch for bad files that it needs. This is the System Repair engine and it will intelligently learn from your computer where the junk files are going and what they are.

Personal Thoughts on 360 Total Security
I have used 360 Total Security since it was in its beta stage and I have never had an issue with malware since. Remember though that even while using 4 protection engines that you are not invulnerable, you will still need a decent firewall and to be careful on what sites that you visit and the sites that you are downloading on. Microsoft recently called for sites like CNET who are bundling malware into their installation packages should be marked as malware therefore all the downloads from there would be classified as malicious. This could be a major issue for download sites like download.com however, it goes to show sending malware to a computer for an easy buck is no different then sending a Bitcoin miner to mine coins from a zombie computer. 360 Total security will even protect its self from being taken over by malware such as this!

If you are lacking a powerful antivirus and are not in the market to buy one then 360 Total Security is what you are looking for!

Download 360 Total Security Here.


  1. I’m interested in trying this product.
    Yet I don’t understand how the Bitdefender and Avira engines work.
    Don’t they have their own signatures which are updated by their original company?
    Don’t they use heuristic to block unknown malware too? Or the blocking and cleaning relies only on the cloud engine? If so, is this program still reliable when you are offline?
    Btw, why is skype updating service unnecessary?

    • The program is reliable even if you don’t have an internet connection and the reason is the Bitdefender and Avira engines are downloaded locally from Qihoo servers. They request to get updates from both of those companies then they distribute them to all of us. This is why you only receive 1 major updates for those engines each day.

      Skype updating service is not needed as it is always running in the background. Microsoft doesn’t send out a patch everyday so it is unnecessary for it to start up and run all day everyday. I normally manual check for a Skype update every week or 2 anyways.

      Hope this helps.


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