360 Total Security is a free antivirus developed by Qihoo 360 a chinese technology conglomerate. The program comes with many features that make both securing and maintaining your PC easy.

The antivirus program comes with several scanning options, many speed up tools, and comes with 5 different engines powering it’s protection features allowing your computer to remain safe from malware.

Quick Highlights

360 Total Security is first and foremost a free product that comes with a premium version that is substantially cheaper than the competition. The program comes with several PC maintenance tools, and is very reliable in antivirus tests.

Additionally, the program comes with both Avira and Bitdefender engines allowing you to further beef up your security.

  • 100% Free with a premium version for $15/year.
  • Comes with several maintenance tools to keep your PC running smooth and fast.
  • Very configurable and personable with themes including lively themes in the premium version.
  • Compatible with Windows XP – Windows 10.
  • 360 Total Security also has support for MacOS.
  • 360 Mobile Security for your Android devices.
  • Low overall system impact.

Features Included In 360 Total Security

360 Total security comes with a lot of free features both for protection and maintenance. Let’s look at some of them below.

Protection Features

360 Total Security has the following protections that come standard with the free version.

  • Anti-Spyware protection.
  • Anti-Worm
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Anti-Rootkit Protection
  • Anti-Phishing Protection (support for all major browsers).
  • Anti-Spam Protection.
  • PUP Protection.
  • WebCam Protection.
  • Keylogger Protection.
  • Registry Protection.
  • Secure Online Shopping.
  • USB Scanning.
  • 5 Different Scanning engines to improve detection rates.
  • Sandbox.

There are some additional features in the pro version including a built in firewall but the free version keeps your system very well protected against most forms of malware. You also get the standard scanning types including scheduled scans that you can run automatically.

Now, what about the performance and other features included?

Other Features

The program comes with a suite of other amazing features to help keep your system running smoothly including the following.

  • Game Mode: This feature stops come non-essential background processes which can improve performance in games and fullscreen applications.
  • Registry Cleaner: Cleans registry or orphaned keys keeping the registry light for better performance.
  • Temporary File Cleaner: Cleanup cookies, browser data, as well as other temporary data to keep the system clean and efficient.
  • Disk Compression: Compress files on your disk to reduce space.
  • Wifi Security Checkup: This basically lets you know if the network is encrypted or not. It will also check to see if the connected Wifi has a solid DNS server set and a strong password.
  • Patchup: Will patch various software, and Windows to keep your system up to date and protected.

The premium version comes with even more features but the free version is above the class when it comes to feature set. You get almost all protection features (excluding Email, and IM), and a host of system maintenance tools for free.

One note that I have is don’t compress the entire disk. There have been some users who report issues with the disk compression tool when the entire disk is compressed.

How Reliable Is It?

Coming in with a 5 different engines and a host of protection features it is a strong contender. Several tests show 360 Total Security ranking higher or inline with the top of the pack. The multiple scanning engines allow you to be protected from a whole host of malware.

Where the program tends to lack is in 0-day protection. While 360 tends to have a solid detection ratio the engines will frequently be out of date leaving you unprotected. There are many of times with the BitDefender and Avira engines that I will open the interface up to see them three days behind.

While the Cloud Engines should in theory stay up to date automatically I am a bit concerned with this delay.

False Positives?

The program very frequently will detect changes and flag them even if it isn’t sure of their safety. I primarily notice this with Steam games that I download. The program will detect the additional registry items and flag them. To get around this I just flag them to be ignored and carry along my day but this is very interesting.

I haven’t found any false positives that caused me any sort of long term issues or prevented an application from being installed.

Thoughts Overall?

The program is very solid you can get impressive protection results and a host of additional maintenance tools for the low low cost of free.

If you’re one of those individuals who likes to pay for an antivirus program you’re in luck 360 Total Security will run you significantly less than the competition all while providing many features not found in any of them.

The only downside is that you will run into more frequent false positives with the program but the additional security features make you feel safe and protected from the dangers of the internet!


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