A beta release of the popular antivirus suite 360 Total Security was released today for the English population. The company Qihoo has worked making all of their products available to the English population. This has been the long and waited product for the English population. The program 360 Total Security has been an interesting one especially because of the amount of engines that the program is running.


360 Total Security Features


360 Total Security and the 5 engines it is using!

5 Antivirus Engines: The program uses 5 different antivirus engines to secure and protect your computer. They even include the Avira and Bitdefender Engine which are two of the higher rated engines on the market. he heuristics side of the program is handled by the powerful QVM II engine. This makes it one of the most powerful antivirus suites on the market and it is available for free.


Speed Up and optimize: The program comes with tools to speed up the computer and to optimize its start-up for the best performance. It will even clean up junk files on the computer and check your computer for general security settings.


Protection and Security Scan: The program is able to scan your computer to check the status of various elements including the firewall, and certain start-up items to see if they are safe or not for your computer.


The program is going to be tested for its protection settings and how well it is able to protect your computer later today we will publish our findings on the security of the program and how to properly configure it.


Here is our test using the Chinese version of the program and the results were amazing.


The program is truly the best deal for a free antivirus suite. If you are looking for a program with amazing protection is free and can help keep your computer running quick and smoothly then this is the program that you are looking for.


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