The very popular anti-virus program 360 Total Security has released a beta version for 6.0 that includes themes, a backup cleaner, and minor changes to the user interface.

There are more updates that are planned for the program based on the features that Facebook fans have been voting for, but at the time of writing, they are not currently implemented. In fact, the only thing that has been added outside of the realm of themes, and enhancements is the backup cleaner which is a peculiar item that I have not yet personally tested.

The backup cleaner is supposed to remove backups from old drivers, and windows updates. While it does seem to do a good job at detecting them the feature is not recommended to be used on your computer, but rather it should be used in a virtual machine.

This can help alleviate a couple of gigs of space depending on your computer but the feature is still very new, and in most cases you won’t find yourself using it on a daily basis. A more useful feature would have been a registry cleaner or something else that was not so odd. While the feature is unique it does appear to be something that is in wide demand while the program and its mobile counterpart 360 Mobile Security; are basically known for cleaning up the junk on your device and making it run faster it does not make much sense for this to be the new component.

The beta is still young and there are new features on the way it just seems rather out-of-place for this to have been the primary focus of Qihoo.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried the beta and if so do you use the backup cleaner? If not download it here.


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