360 Total Security has released version 5.0 beta to the public. The update brings a various amount of changes to the software, including new features, and better compatibility with Windows 8.1.

The following features have been added to the most recent version.

1. Active Protection

  • Added Webcam Protection
  • Added USB Drive Protection
  • Added Keylogger Blocking
  • Added File System Protection
  • Added Registry Protection
  • Added Silent Mode(Game Mode)

2. Enhanced Malware cleanup capability
3. Enhanced Malicious Website Blocking
4. Sandbox – Windows 8 Support
5. Added Toolbox – Vote for your most wanted features.

Webcam protection is a form of active protection that will warn you of unknown or even all requests to access your webcam depending on your settings. Malware should not be able to access your webcam with this setting activated.

USB Protection is going to automatically scan USB drives when they are connected to your computer. This will prevent malware from your USB from getting onto your computer.

Keylogger blocking is a feature that will monitor your computer for process’ that act as a keylogger.

File system protection monitors your computer’s main files and monitors all changes in real-time and will warn you if malware is changing your computer’s files.

Registry protection will monitor all of the registry changes that come across as malicious. For instance, I download a piece of malware onto my computer and it goes in and attempts to change a registry key important to the host files of windows. 360 Total Security will alert me that something is attempting to change my registry and trace it back to the file and block it. Thus keeping my registry safe, and preventing a potential infection.

Game Mode. This will prevent alerts when you are running a full screen application and instead it will automate the defense procedures by moving the files into quarantine.

Additional features are going to be added based on the communities voting so download the program now and vote for the next 3 features that you want added to the toolbox.

Currently, 1 click boost, disk usage, and a registry cleaner are in the lead for most votes. There are many features to choose from and make sure to vote 3 times each day!

Comment below with features that you would like to see added to 360 Total Security.



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