360 Podcast is an Android Based podcast app that allows you to view over 340,000 different podcast groups with thousands and thousands of hours of content. The app was developed by the same company behind 360 Mobile Security and 360 Total Security.

The apps come with a slick user interface that allows you to easily find different podcasts organized in a genre based category system. In addition, the app is usable in over 70 different countries with local podcasts from most of them.


The app comes with thousands of hours of content that can be viewed at any time from over 70 different countries. In addition, the app comes with a modern material design following all of the best practices set forth by Google.

One of the most useful features I found while testing is the ability to download any of the podcasts to my local device so I didn’t need to stream them when I was away from a wifi source or was in a spotty location for cell service. I also liked that I was able to create my own playlist but found that the feature wasn’t useful as when I search for a podcast my intention is to watch that single podcast episode or series. It’s not like listening to music so while it’s a good feature it didn’t make much sense.

User Interface

360 Podcast has a very slick and modern user interface that was built off of the Google Material Design platform. It makes for a very slick and appealing interface, I found it to be fast loading and that it was easy to find everything that I was looking for.

The widgets also allow you to easily find and manage your playlists from outside of the app whether it’s on your home screen or other pages. While I found myself barely using this feature it was still nice to know that I had the option of using it.

Concluding Thoughts

360 Podcast is overall an amazingly powerful app that allows you to view thousands upon thousands of podcasts for free from your Android device. The app allows you to easily navigate and find podcasts that you might be interested in and to easily manage them through your own playlists. While some of the features are quite common amongst podcast apps I find that the ability to download any and all podcasts from the app makes it truly irreplaceable.


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