When it comes to protecting your iPhone there are very few apps to choose from and there are even less that are legitimate apps from trusted publishers. Well Qihoo has made their mark with their own iPhone antivirus app. While some people are skeptical I can say that this app is completely safe and if you don’t have an antivirus app this might be the one that you want to download. The app comes with all the basic protection that you will need, and it can even make the phone run better, to improve that lag you may be receiving while playing your favorite game.


System Scanning: This feature will scan your phone for security issues such as malicious apps and can help you with the removal process of them. This can also scan for insecure settings that may leave your phone vulnerable.

Location Services: This will let you know what services you have that are tracking your location, and it can warn you that certain apps can track your location thus causing a privacy issue.

Process Scan: This feature will scan for all of the running processes on the device and can end them. This is very similar to a task manager.

Memory Optimizer: This feature will monitor the memory usage of your device and can kill apps that are not currently being used. This is great to do before launching a larger game, or to close useless apps in the background.

Private Vault: This is an interesting service that basically takes the files that you give it and it will encrypt them. This is great to do with your pictures and videos to prevent people from gaining access to your photos and other private information.

My Thoughts

The app is still very new and offers some very important features, and they are all aimed at protecting your device and the files that it has. You can give your phone the protection that it needs for free with no ads,and it is very light on the system. What more could you ask from an antivirus app, the app is also 100% safe according to virus total which shows that it is a trustworthy app. The company is working on giving new features to the app, but they tend to focus on the Android version of the app, but they are trying to keep the updates released at a similar fashion. The Android version is at 1.2 and the IOS version is 1.1 so they are trying to keep both of them updated.

Do I Need Antivirus?

Yes every mobile device should have some sort of antivirus app on it,and that is for good reason. Granted that IOS malware is only 8% of the total malware, that is 8% of 276,000 malware samples that were discovered by Juniper. That is still 22,080 samples of malware that are on the market. This is a great threat, and since it is increasing every day you might as well have an app that can protect you against those threats. The threat of malware is something that you need to watch out for, and you have to look at it what do you really lose from having this app installed. This app will take up little of your RAM, and it will protect you from threats that can take private information on your device. So the threat is what you have to avoid so you have to give a little of your phones power to give you that protection.

Download The App Here



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