360 Mobile Safe is a mobile antivirus created by the Chinese antivirus Qihoo and it comes with some unique features that you would not quite expect. The program has built-in optimization tools as well to speed up the phone in more than one way.


  • Phone Checkup is a scan that looks for junk files unnecessary files and start-up items that are not needed and might be bogging down your phone. Keep in mind to change the start-up items you do need a rooted device.
  • Call & SMS Blocker: You can send specific groups to this spam zone which is where all spam messages will end up. Call blocker does not work in Android KitKat
  • Antivirus: The program uses the 360 Cloud engine and the QVM II engine to protect your mobile device from malware.
  • Anti Theft: Basic protection features that allow you to set off alarms wipe the phone or lock it down with a remote code.
  • Floating Window: Scans your phone from a little tab that is always floating on the side of your phone.
  • Vault: A secure zone where you can send messages and calls without other apps trying to gain access to them.

360 Mobile Safe Thoughts

When the app first came out I saw it as the best mobile antivirus the user interface is amazing and it came with a lot of features however, in recent time the company has abandoned the app for 360 mobile security. The app does receive updates for the antivirus engines but it does not get any application updates, so choose wisely but remember that using 360 mobile safe does have some pluses to it that you don’t have in 360 mobile security at this time.

Below is the protection test given to several antivirus companies against 2000 pieces of mobile malware and Qihoo 360 was in number four and is also a completely free antivirus.



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