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360 Internet Security Review

360 Internet Security Review

360 Internet Security the younger sister of 360 Total Security is a trimmed down version of the popular antivirus solution. It comes with many of the same features, but it is cleaner, lighter, and will have less of a system impact when you are using it.


  • Three antivirus engines. 360 Internet Security uses the 360 Cloud Engine, the QVM II engine, and the Bitdefender¬†engine. All three of these engines are employed to help protect your computer from the latest threats.
  • Real-time protection. You are protected from many different forms of threats such as file, registry, download, webcam, and websites. All of these can be easily enabled within the program settings.
  • Themes. While it is more of a gimmick¬†the program does allow you to change the theme to match your style.

Personal Experience

360 Internet Security is a very powerful free antivirus solution from Qihoo. While the program is not being updated in favor of 360 Total Security it still is receiving database updates that keep the program on top of its security game. The program is basically a lighter and trimmed down version of its Total Security brother. The program has protected me from many malicious websites.

The program even performed very well when I did my test of the program versus 99 pieces of malicious software. It managed to beat out most of the other programs making a very powerful antivirus solution.

Where The Power Lies

The power of 360 Internet Security lies within its popularity as it is used by over 500 million people. It is able to monitor for the newest of threats as they reach new users meaning that you are protected from threats that the other millions of people are receiving. This is what makes the 360 Cloud engine as powerful as it is. However, the issue is that most of the database items come from Chinese users and the malware between our two markets is very different. However, as the program is gaining a lot of ground in the U.S market we can expect both markets to have a greater protection over many other antivirus solutions.

Malware Test



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