360 Clean Droid is a mobile app published by Qihoo 360 that has one simple goal improving the performance of your mobile device. 360 Clean Droid does this by using a number of cleaning and optimization methods that are not found in most performance apps.


Quickly optimize your phone using the one tap cleanup. This will remove common junk files and close programs that are not necessary for your phone. While this great for most users if you are more advanced you clean it even more by going into the functions tab.

Memory Boost allows you to close apps that are hogging up your device memory. Closing unnecessary apps can improve the performance of other memory intensive apps including YouTube.

Junk Clean: This function allows you to go in and clean a wide variety of junk files. This residual, large, and other forms of trash files that are on your device. Use this function carefully as you can delete information that some apps need in order to run.

Autostart Manager (Root): If your device is rooted 360 Clean Droid can turn off apps from loading on startup. The only important apps that should be on your startup is any custom keyboard that you are using, and any antivirus solution that you may have.

App Uninstall: This function allows you to correctly uninstall apps that are on your device. For instance, some apps that you remove may still leave left over files on your phone that can take away from your storage. This can also help suggest apps that your phone does not need due to how much you actually use them.

Game And Video Boost: This is one of the most interesting functions of the app. 360 Clean Droid will close unnecessary apps when you launch either a game or a video playing app. For instance, if you launch YouTube 360 Clean Droid will automatically turn off any apps that can be hindering the performance of the video player.

Privacy Shred: When you delete a file from your device it is not truly gone. When you delete a file all the pointers to the file are lost, but the main file is still there until the data is overwritten. 360 Clean Droid can help you by placing a file over the location of your deleted files and then delete the file making it harder to retrieve.

Personal Experience

I personally use 360 Clean Droid and I notice the increase in performance. When I launch any game or video viewing app I no longer have any form of lag or staggering from the player unless my internet connection is poor. The app also helps me rid apps that I may not need anymore or I just don’t use. I do recommend that if you have a slow or aging device give it a new life wit 360 Clean Droid.


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