Qihoo has released a popular browser they made in English recently and it is known as the 360 Browser the 360 browser comes with a plethora of features, and it has even more impressive back-end working ideas that make it worth your time. The program has a unique dual engine that allows it to render pages as if it were Chrome, IE 11 or classic IE versions. It will even optimize the website by checking to see what browser it will load best in to make all websites compatible with it. Chrome will be the main default due to it being the best browser found in testing and its acceptance of html tags. However, some websites are strictly written for Internet Explorer or use items only found in Internet Explorer making it necessary to include the auto optimize and if doesn’t render properly you can change it manually.


360 Browser Additional Features

Video Pop Out: YouTube videos as well as other videos will pop out in a separate window so you can browse the web and watch your video without having to re size the windows.

Secure Browsing: Secure browsing is a url and phishing engine kept up by Qihoo and it has blocked over 10 billion threats from users all around the world including me.

Dual Engine: Lets you switch between IE and Chrome for your web browsing experience to make the website most compatible and load the fastest.

Ad Filtering: The browser comes in with a built-in ad block, i recommend that you only use it on websites that use pop ups, pop unders, link, hover, or annoying forms of advertising that is not classic banners. Especially video ads I will not tolerate auto play videos with sound it is rude and annoying, therefore I use this on a select few sites.

You should use 360 Browser if you are looking for an upgrade over your current browser whether it be Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer not to mention that the browser comes with access to the Chrome web store to install themes, extensions, and apps. Download the program here!

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