So Qihoo the makers of the 360 Browser have added an interesting new feature to their browser. It is a download scanning engine and this is the first time something like this has been done. To add an antivirus engine into the browser and have it scan all the downloads will be interesting to see.

This could in theory the downloading of malicious items is done because if the browser is integrated with their antivirus engines then they will be able to check every download that is from the browsers and then mark potentially malicious ones to their database collecting a large amount of realtime scans on new items. This might be the first major step in ending malware or at least preventing it in a new way.

Most scans like smart screen are reputation meaning that they scan the file based on what users are submitting and giving to Microsoft however, this is not a malware scanner and even though it does stop malicious items it does also prevents safe items at times which can be a hassle. This one is an antivirus scanner which is what the system should be and unlike most antivirus software which scans it after it is downloaded this one will scan it as its being downloaded and say wait this item has been found to be a trojan win 32 generic and then it will send any additional information it collects to Qihoo to better protect computers from malware.

The idea is great but why did they add this to their browser and how are the able to do all this for free. The company is originally for gaming, then a search engine, then an antivirus company, then it just keeps growing. Qihoo is becoming one of the largest digital based business in the world and it is quite scary because were ever the company goes it just seems to dominate. We will see the growth of the company and hope that it produces the amazing high quality products that it does.


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