After the ruling of a European court Google is now required to allow users to have their personal information wiped. The first day of this “Cleaning service” Google has received approximately 12,000 requests by users to have their personal information wiped from their system.

The large avalanche of requests and the time it takes for them to wipe their personal information is going to be a struggle for the company due to the amount of requests that have come and what will show up in the upcoming weeks. Google has not come out and said exactly how much time will be necessary to conform to these requests, but due to the sheer number of them this process will take some time and as more requests are going to come in throughout the days, we are expecting to see more added to the request list.

Google, has always been the target of privacy issues and privacy concerns especially in Europe where Google has a majority of their lawsuits.


Should Google have to delete their user information why or why not and tell us in the comments below!


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